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ArLiJo Is Featuring Poetic Videos and Spanish and English Poetry

The latest issue of ArLiJo is featuring work by Luis Alberto Ambroggio,
Isidro Iturat, translations by Yvette Neisser Moreno, and Katharina Yakovina.

Click here for the poetic video by Katharina Yakovina entitled It Was:

It Was

Katharina Yakovina's statement:

"I was born in 1967.
I create a space of my art.
I made a choice between my options."

By Luis Alberto Ambroggio
Translated by Yvette Neisser Moreno

Come in, welcome,
everyday passengers,
here are your rooms:
perhaps lively
with monolithic snores
or metallic words
from friendly machines
in a numbered silence.

Paintings, others’ tastes
yours for a night,
days that end at noon
on a hurried mid-day.
Elegant bedroom
of paid-for open shadows.

Perhaps a lovers’ tryst
in a noncommittal terrain
or an imaginary adventure
in a children’s story.
Today its mirrors watch your faces,
later other memories will leave traces
like beds ablaze
with solitude or repeated pleasures.

The same-old cold reception
for the traveler on sale
or the salesman traveling;
neither home nor exile
much-needed shade
for the wanderer’s rest,

walls in which I also lodge
passing my dusk
in the confined escape of time.

It receives me with smiles.
Without knowing me, it calls me by name,
promiscuous bed
that charges for my rest.

They will change my name
as soon as I go.
They’ll clear away the shadow
and other shadows will fill the pages
in the fiscal archive of doors.
“Check in, check out”
in the precarious hotel of life.

Sic transit gloria mundi…

"Hotel" was previously published in "Poemas Desterrados", Academia Iberoamericana de Poesia, ed. Alicia Gallegos, Buenos Aires, 1995.

Copyright © 2008 by Luis Alberto Ambroggio (from the anthology Difficult Beauty which will be released in 2009)

Luis Alberto Ambroggio, American poet born in Argentina, is a Member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language and PEN. Author of the following published books: Poemas de amor y vida (1987), Hombre del aire (1992), Oda ensimismada (1992), Poemas desterrados (1995), Los habitantes del poeta” (1997), Por si amanece: cantos de Guerra (1997), El testigo se desnuda (2002), Laberintos de Humo (2005), Los tres esposos de la noche (2005) and the bilingual collection of his poems Difficult Beauty. His texts have appeared in newspapers, magazines, anthologies of the U.S.A. (Cool Salsa, DC Poets Against the War, Poetic Voices Without Borders), Spain (The new Hispanic-American Poetry, Twenty-first Century Hispanic-American Poetry) and Latin America. His poetry has been included in texts of Literature (Pasajes, Bridges to Literatura, Breaking down barriers), and recorded in the Archives of Hispanic Literature of the Library of Congress.

by Isidro Iturat

a Elis

Soñé que yo era un pozo,
soñé que eras un pozo,
que tú, yo, éramos pozo.

Éramos pozo de agua,
el mismo pozo de agua,
un solo pozo de agua.

Inmensurable agua,
y sempiterno pozo.


for Elis

I dreamt that I was a well,
I dreamt that you were a well,
that you, and I, were a well.
We were a water well,
the same water well,
a single water well.
Unmesurable water,
and everlasting well.

ISIDRO ITURAT. Villanueva y la Geltrú, Spain, 1973. He is a writer and Spanish teacher who has ived in São Paulo, Brazil, since 2005. In 2001 he developed the poetic form called indriso, formed by two triplets and two one-line stanzas (3-3-1-1), with free use of the rhyme and the number of syllables in its verses. In 2005 he finished his first book completely composed by indrisos entitled El Manantial y otros poemas. His poetry has appeared in Lakúma-pusáki (2008, Chile), Lyrik welt (2007, Germany), Cañasanta (Number 19, 2006, Canada), Destiempos (Number 5, 2006, Mexico), Literatura & Arte (Number 1373, 2005, Brazil), Letralia (Number 114, 2004 and Number 147, 2006, Venezuela), Otras Palabras (Number 7, 2004, Spain).

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