Sunday, February 24, 2008


Workshop for Writers in Milwaukee Area

For writers who live in the Milwaukee area, here is a workshop given by
Marcela Landres:

Pitch Your Book and How Editors Think Workshops


Pitch Your Book

Pitching a book idea is an essential skill most writers lack and need when submitting their work to agents and editors. Topics discussed include: why
pitching is important; how to formulate a winning pitch; and the three most common mistakes writers make when pitching their book ideas.

How Editors Think

Do you think editors spend their days reading manuscripts? Think again! If you want to understand why editors choose to publish certain writers and reject the rest, learn how they think. Topics discussed include: the three most common mistakes writers make when trying to get published; the two most important jobs of an editor (editing isn't one of them!); and the number one quality editors look for in
a writer.

Pitch Your Book - 9:45 am, Saturday 3/8
How Editors Think - 11:00 am, Sunday 3/9

WHERE: UWM School of Continuing Education's Spring
Writers Festival, Milwaukee, WI

WHO: Marcela Landres is an Editorial Consultant who edits manuscripts, critiques proposals, and advises on how to launch and manage a writing career. She was formerly an editor at Simon & Schuster and is the creator of Latinidad, one of Writer's Digest magazine's 101 Best Web Sites for Writers. A member of the Women's Media Group, she has acted as a judge for the PEN/Beyond Margins Award and speaks frequently for organizations such as The Learning Annex.

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Marcela Landres
Editorial Consultant
Helping writers get published.

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