Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Manifestation of Sisíism

In commemoration of my 39th (don't ask) birthday today, here is a call for a dramatic change in this beloved country of mine.

The Manifestation of Sisíism

By the dawns of the early light
by the smell of burnt oil
in the midst of selfish greed
run amuck under the cloak
of evangelical hypocrisy,
I sigh and decry the
hostility vented towards
poor Latino immigrants
trying to find a place
in the sun like those
who have come before—
legal and illegal—
I ask: Where is this
country headed?
Blame the weak; the poor;
hate the Spanish-speaker;
the Muslim; the gay;
the agnostic; the liberal,
all but those who have
set it all in motion—
who will be next?
Delusion: the drink
of money and power
blinds and deafens the
senseless stupidity
and bigotry foxed across
the land of repeat and repeat
till lies become truth.
When will this country
awaken from the stupor
of veiled infestation?
Let us say sisí,
let us create,
think, make the
Let art, literature,
music, drama, morality,
and value for humanity
drown out cries of Iraq,
senseless bombings
in Israel and palestine
Let us destroy the
meaningless of present life—
a revolt of Dada's revolt
to Sisí
like twins sprung
from the same
vile seed—to manifest
a new age
of art and life.

Copyright © 2006 by Robert L. Giron
May 10, 2006

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