Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Golden Flame of Friendship

What do three people from Philadelphia, Sidney (as in Nebraska), and Eugene, Oregon have in common? Well, it helps if they meet each other at Montgomery College and teach in the same department.

That would be Francine Jamin, yours truly, and Sharon Mandel--from one end of the country to other with the thorn in the middle from the prairies. Today we met to have lunch and the celebrate my birthday, that would be my 39th, again.

True friendship endures like the olympic flame or possibly the golden flame of friendship; it shines and even if it is old and worn it still holds its value.

The Golden Flame

From Philadelphia to the Prairie
to Oregon all made merry,
like three peas in a pod,
we ripen like grapes in a vat,
with refinement, civility,
and that je ne sais quoi--
friendship tied and bound
then melted by the golden flame.

--Robert L. Giron

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